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Fun & Engaging Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old

Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old can be fun and engaging. As a parent, you want to give your little one the best possible start in life, and engaging in fun and stimulating activities is a great way to support your baby’s development.

During the first six months of life, babies go through many developmental changes, and playtime is an essential component of this process. At this stage, babies are developing their cognitive, motor, and social skills, and providing them with age-appropriate activities can help support their growth in these areas.

In this post, I will share 15 fun and engaging Baby Activities 3-6 Months Old that can help support your baby’s development. From sensory and motor activities to musical and imaginative play, there is something for every baby in this list.

Sensory activities, such as rain bath, and fancy footwork, can help stimulate your baby’s senses and support their brain development. Motor activities, such as squish it, can help strengthen your baby’s muscles and improve their coordination.

Social activities, like little engine, can help your baby develop their social skills and strengthen the bond between you and your little one. Cognitive activities, like contrast cards, can help your baby develop their problem-solving skills and improve their memory.

Musical and imaginative activities, such as kitchen music, can help your baby develop their sense of rhythm and improve their listening skills.

I hope this post will inspire you to try these fun and engaging Baby Activities 3-6 Months Old with your little one. Remember, always supervise your baby during playtime and adjust the activities to their developmental level. So let’s dive in and explore these fun and engaging activities!

Fun and Engaging Sensory Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old 

One of our favorite sensory activities was the fancy footwork. Hold things up to your baby’s feet for him to kick. This is a great way to teach cause and effect.

Another great sensory activity we enjoyed was the rain bath. To do this activity, I simply filled a shallow tub with warm water and placed a few cups inside. I then poured water over my baby’s body and let them splash around. The sound of the water and the sensation on their skin helped improve their tactile awareness and sensory integration.

We also enjoy playing Itsy Bitsy Spider.

This was a fan favourite. It helps your baby get acquainted with his body, sensory stimulation, anticipation and social interaction. This is a very low prep activity. All you need are your baby and your fingers.

Remove your baby’s clothes (diaper optional) and lay him on your lap. Sing itsy bitsy spider to him and as you do, walk your fingers up his body from his feet all the way up to his lovely curls. Try to mimic the actions of the song.


Motor Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old

At this age, your child will try to pick up small objects with his chubby little fingers. A game of “squish it” is exactly what he needs to gain some independence and practice his fine motor skills. Bonus if your baby gets some of it in his mouth and gets some good nutrition. You need a bib, a high chair, ripe bananas and floor covering (optional).

Put your child’s bib on him, and cover the floor if you want to. Place the highchair on the floor covering and put your child in the highchair. Slice up the banana in chunks and put the pieces on the high chair’s tray. Let your baby explore the properties of the banana with his hands, face, mouth, etc. You can also vary this with other soft foods like peaches, Jell-o, oatmeal, mashed potatoes, etc.


Baby Pull Ups are great! You lay your baby on his back and hold onto his wrists. Then, you very slowly pull him to a sitting position. You can repeat this activity a few times.

For the first few months, your child has a reflex to grasp objects in his palm but not to let go. Open and Close is a great activity for gaining further control of his grasp reflex and control of his hands.

Collect a variety of small toys that fit easily in his hands. Make sure they are clean and with no sharp edges. Seat him in your lap or highchair and place a small toy next to him so he has to reach a little to grasp it. Encourage him to take the toy and after a few moments, gently peel open his fingers and remove the toy. Put it back on the table and repeat.

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Social Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old

A boat ride round the house is an exciting game to play with your baby as he becomes sturdier and wants to be more mobile. This activity helps your child with balance, exploration and visual stimulation. All you need are 2 small soft blankets and your floor.

Spread your blankets, one on top of the other, on the floor and place your baby facing up, on the blankets. Grab one end and slowly pull your baby round the room. As you go, you can talk about all the things you see. You can also vary this activity by placing your baby on his tummy for a different perspective and prop his chest with a soft pillow or toy for extra leverage and comfort. 

We also enjoy playing Little Engine.

This game is perfect when your little one can sit up with support. You need a simple cardboard box, blankets, and some rope. This activity helps with balance, head and neck control and visual tracking.

Grab the box and cut it down in height so your baby is supported but can see over the top. punch two holes in the front end of the box about halfway down and insert rope ends in there and knot them securely. Line the box with the blankets to give your child some comfort. Grab the loop of the rope and gently pull your baby round the house/yard in his little engine. You can also paint the box to look like a small train engine, plane, car or boat for added fun. Be sure to pull your child slowly so he doesn’t get a neck injury.

Cognitive Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old

Show your baby high contrast images to help develop his eyesight! I recommend hanging some of these up next to the changing table or as a mobile over their crib.

Fishing is a fun activity for any age and your little one will enjoy the element of surprise as he uses his problem-solving skills to get what he wants. Your child will learn to anticipate events, cause and effect, object permanence and problem-solving. All you need are a yard of rope, a colourful toy, masking tape and a table.

Tie one end of the rope around the toy and secure the other end to the edge of the table with a piece of tape, making sure the toy is out of sight. Hold your baby in your lap facing the table and rope and remove the tape, letting your child hold the end of the rope.

 Give him time to experiment with the rope and encourage him to pull it towards himself. Make sure to keep an eye on your child at all times so he doesn’t become entangled in the rope.

Playful Spotlight is a quiet game you can play at night, just before your baby goes to sleep, or to calm him down. All you need is a dark room and a flashlight. This activity helps with cause and effect, depth perception, visual tracking and understanding one’s environment.

Find a room that can be made completely dark. Sit on a chair or the floor with your baby in your lap. In the dark room, turn on the flashlight and shine it on the wall, catching your child’s attention. Whisper something about the light (Oh, look at the light). Move the beam around slowly, resting it on interesting objects. Keep a running commentary in whispers. 

Musical & IMAGINATIVE Baby Activities for 3-6 Months Old

Kitchen Music is a very low prep and low cost activity. You can make music with your little one by banging on utensils from your kitchen. So open those cabinets and pull out your pots and pans and trays and have at it!

You can take your baby on pony rides as he increases his neck and head control. This activity helps with balance, head and neck control, language development and social interaction. All you need are your knees, a soft blanket and some nursery rhyme knowledge. Lay the blanket over your knee and seat your baby on it, facing you and hold his arms for support. Bounce him up and down as you say/sing a nursery rhyme.

Using just your leg, a chair and a small towel, take your baby on a horsey ride without leaving your home. Remove your shoes and sit in a chair with your legs crossed. Put a towel on your ankle and sit your baby on it, facing you. Hold his hands as you gently move your legs up and down. As he rides, sing a nursery song to keep him entertained and work on his social interaction skills.

Lay on your back and bring your knees toward your chest. Place your little one, tummy-down, on your legs. Support him with your hands as he balances on your legs. Sing Nursery Rhymes as you imitate flying him around the universe. Super Baby was a favorite but I always had a burp cloth on my stomach in case Baby K spit up!

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