So you’ve made it to the 3-month mark and your child, and you are still in one piece! Whew! This parenting thing is hard and fulfilling and draining and scary and the best thing in the world. The next step is surviving the 3 – 6 month baby period. Thankfully, 3 – 6 months baby schedules can help with that a bit.

Now your baby is awake for longer periods and you notice the laundry pile higher than you’ve ever had it or the kitchen untidy. You rarely get a shower before 1 pm and make up is a foreign concept. Now is the time to create a stable routine for your precious little one since your previous newborn schedule is less likely to be appropriate for his now longer stretches of awake time. 

3-6 Months Baby Schedule

Putting your child on a routine is an important way of helping them thrive physically, emotionally, and physically. You may notice that your baby is happier during the day and sleeps well at night. It also helps you as a parent from burning out and organizing your day effectively. 

You can be as strict or flexible with your schedule as you like but having a recognizable pattern gives your baby an idea of the structure of his day and this can make a huge difference for you both. 


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6:00 AM Nurses/Gets a bottle. Sleeps.

Usually, this is my dreamfeeding. I wake up and get my son, snuggle in my bed with him and feed him. He continues his sleep usually uninterrupted and I stay in bed with him for about an hour before I get a start on my day. I rarely count this as his wake up time since he barely cracks his eyes open.

9:00 – 9:30 AM – Nurses/Gets a bottle. Morning Nap.

I wake him up if he isn’t up by 9 am and I change his diaper, nurse him, read a book together and then put him down for his morning nap. While he is asleep, I make myself a cup of tea and I start on some chores around the house.

12:00 NOON – Lunch. Nurses/Bottle. Afternoon nap.

For lunch, I usually nurse him. I exclusively breastfeed him until he was six months old. If you start weaning earlier than 6 months, I recommend a lunch of a little porridge, possibly topped with fruit purée. He can have a little water in a cup. After lunch, he gets a little playtime and a nappy change before it’s time for his afternoon nap.

4:00 PM – Nurses/Bottle. Nap.

I nurse him, change him, and take a walk with him to pick up his big brother from kindergarten. He usually falls asleep on the walk and takes his third nap for the day. Sometimes, this is a power nap.

6:00 PM – Dinner.

After a diaper change, came dinner. Dinner for us was breastmilk until he was 6 months old. It can be a serving of vegetable purée and water in a cup. This is only after solids have been introduced at lunchtime.

7:30 – 8:00 PM – Nurses/Bottle. Bedtime Routine.

I would give him a warm bath, nurse him and then we would read together. I nurse him again and then put him in his crib with the night light on. Some nights it takes more than tons of mommy love to get him to fall asleep.

11:00 PM – Nurses/Bottle

He wakes up and I nurse him back to sleep. As he gets older, he tries to wiggle some playtime out of me.

3:00 AM – Nurses/Bottle.

He gets fed again. Most children at 6 months can go without this last feeding.

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