Giving Has Blessed My Life

As a little girl, I would watch my grandmother giving out gifts to visitors to our house, no matter how small.

She would always say: ‘’here’s something small to remind you of your visit to our house”.

I also watched as my own parents gave in various ways to others. No wonder the seed of giving was planted in my life. And that of my siblings, as we grew up.

I cannot pinpoint how or when it started for me but I remember that giving had always been a part of me.

From my elementary school days, I realized I loved giving to people. Anyone who was less fortunate in their circumstances than I was. I would share my pocket money and food with my mates at school. And I would bring some home to share in my meals. I would also give my time in helping others in various aspects.


It gives me great joy to help others no matter how little that help is.

Giving is not only in material things or money. It is in lending a hand to pull someone up, giving advice that uplifts someone, giving encouragement and comfort to others and many more.

When you give, you bestow, you impact or you confer something that benefits the recipient without expecting anything in return. 


In my adult life I started working and earning money. 

I found myself more drawn to the less fortunate in society and doing my best to help a few in ways that will uplift them. As a Christian, I practice biblical giving like 


giving alms


paying tithe in my church


giving offerings

But what gives me the most joy is encouraging people to better their lives.

By pointing them in the right directions and helping them to set goals and achieving those goals. 

Undefineable blessings that I have enjoyed from giving of my time, my resources, my emotional investments cannot be quantified in any way. The joy that fills my heart when I see joy and hope on the faces of the recipients of my giving is immeasurably.

The greatest blessing that I have received comes from the words that are spoken over my life and the number of “children” that have been added to my family. 


giving heart
Guest post


Giving And The Inherent Blessings Therein!

When I thought about putting up a post on giving and the blessing therein, I could not think of anyone but my mother to reach out to.

Growing up, I could never understand how my mom found the resources to keep us alive and still help others. My brother even mentioned on several occasions how she could give us a better standard of living if she stopped helping others. 

But this wasn’t something she would hear of. As an adult now, and working on my own Christian journey while raising my own sons, I understand the importance, and to some extent, the rational behind what and why she did what she did.

Apart from the obvious lessons giving teaches our children at a young age, it reminds us, as adults of a sense of community. Something that is sorely needed in these times. Leaning on each other and reaching out purely out of selfless reasons and not because of what we could get in return. 

As we raise children in the faith and as we strengthen our own journeys in our faith, here is to hoping we can remember these little lessons and blessings that come our way because of them; both big and small. 


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  1. Kodia Ayer

    Great piece. Giving really gives the giver joy and satisfaction when done with a cheerful heart, not to mention the BLESSINGS r receives. The Bible did say God loves a cheerful giver but he also rewards Immeasurably!


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